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About Bedding Plants

The use of Bedding Plants and Flowers in your gardens, residential homes, shop fronts, and commercial landscapes is limited only by your imagination. Shanahan's Nurseries has a wide ranging stock, which we are constantly adding to each year, to help you creatively express your garden designs with Perennials or Herbaceous plants and flowers. Whether you are planting in the soil or adding colourful arrangements of hanging baskets and potted flowers we invite you to give us a call or email us to help you decide the best colour schemes and appropriate Bedding Plants for your design.


The use of Perennial Plants and flowers that add their seasonal colour, beauty and unique form such as the Holly Hock, Tulips, and Daisies are the addition that no garden should be without. We stock many varieties of Perennials at affordable prices for you to choose the palette of colour for your garden landscapes, hanging baskets, and potted plants.


As opposed to the Perennials that die each year and new colour schemes are chosen, the Herbaceous flowering plant is an enduring one whose leaves, stems, and flowers above ground die off but the roots remain waiting for the spring to be reborn for the new season's annual growth. We stock many varieties of Herbaceous flowering plants that add a stable and consistent base to your garden design.

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