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Planning Your Garden

As can be seen in the Aerial Photo above of Shanahan's Nurseries and Garden Centre that garden planning and design is essential to a rewarding and successful garden. The above photo is the result of 50 years of planning and design which began by Barry Shanahan with bedding plants, then tomato plants, and finally trees and shrubs, and is stil now currently being constantly expanded each year by Shanahan's Nurseries new owner, Barry Kingston, (Barry Shanahan's nephew) with new varieties of trees, shrubs, and plants for the 'Garden Connoisseur'.

Choosing Your Trees and Plants

Whether starting a small flower garden with a simple tree orchard of one fruit tree or planning acres of flower gardens, orchards, and herb gardens with lily ponds and wind break tree borders to protect the garden from high winds and tormenting rains, including the design of garden paths and willow hedgings and archways can be underway with a simple phone call or a visit to our 3 acre site of plant and tree nurseries to begin the design of your 'unique' garden.

Our On-Site Garden Assessment Services

With 50 years of horticulture experience Shanahan's Nurseries can help you design your beautiful garden. Gardens can fail if the trees, and plants are not appropriate to the soil and terrain where you plan to build your garden. Shanahan's Nurseries provides not only phone consultations to help you with your garden, but more importantly will do an ON-SITE ASSESSMENT to help you choose the proper trees, plants, and flowers that will grow well in your specific soil and terrain conditions.

Commercial and Residential Landscapes

Our Landscape Design customers not only avail themselves of our 50 years of horticulture experience in plants, trees, and shrubs but find our Terrain and Soil Assessments of invaluable use as they plan and design their commercial or residential landscapes for their own customers.

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