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About Our Garden Supplies

Shananhan's Nuseries has a compete range of garden supplies to help you design, maintain, and expand your landscapes, orchards, and flower gardens. If you are just starting your garden design we have the stakes and ties to help your plants with the supports they need to grow strong. We provide Seasonal Contatiners of Baskets and Bowls for the more 'arrangeable' and decorative aspects of your garden. We stock a quality supply of lawn seed, plant foods, and fertilizers, and the popular 'Water Butt' to water your garden from collected rainwater.
Additionally to keep your garden full of birds and the beauty of their songs we stock Wild Bird feed and seeds including a portable Bird Feeder which can easily be placed and moved to any area in your garden.

The Tenax Mini Soil Test Kit

Test your soil to ensure a healthy flourishing garden by using a soil testing kit. We stock the tried and tested quality brand Tenax Mini Soil Test Kit complete with detailed instructions. Before you start your garden you want to be sure that the soil conditions are appropriate for the types of plants you will be planting. A soil test will determine the soil acidity levels and determine what plants will thrive in your soil conditions and also what fruit and vegetables you can grow in your garden. This will assist you in developing a suitable soil management plan.


With the impending WATER CHARGES on the horizon cutting into garden budgets, we at Shanahan's Nurseries have a SOLUTION. The 'Water Butt' (shown in the photo above) has become very popular which collects and stores rain water for reducing the expense of water charges to water your gardens and keep them fresh, healthy, and vibrant. Call and place your order today!

Our Plant Foods and Fertilizers

We have a full stock ready for delivery or pickup of seed and potting compost, Lawn seed and Fertilizer, and all the sundries necessary for successful planting and growing. We stock Tippland's 'Premier Gold' Compost, and Chip Bark, and Irish Peat Moss, and the Gee-up Organic Soil Enrichment providing 'golden nourishment for your Vegetables, Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs.'

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