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About Hedging and Borders

The boundaries of a garden landscape are defined by hedging and garden borders whether they are lined with shrubs, trees, and rose bushes or the creative and ornate 'woven' Common Willow hedge lines and lovely 'woven' archways along your garden path. Garden hedges and borders can be created using any combination of trees and shrubs both bold evergreens or deciduous and colourful conifers intermixed with flowering shrubs and berry bushes. Hedging along garden paths made up of birches, maples, broad leaf trees, and flowering shrubs adds a breathtaking walk through the garden during the colourful Autumn turning of leaves Come and visit Shanahan's 3 acres of nuseries and walk along our garden paths during any season to see the many options available for your garden landscapes.

Protective Wind Breaks

Though hedging can be used to define visually the borders and pathways of your garden they also serve a valuable use in protecting your garden from the severe, and strong northern winds that can damage the beauty of your well planned and designed garden landscape. Tall sheltering evergreen shrubs intermixed with sturdy evergreen trees, cedars, firs, and spruces can be used to protect your garden from the freezing, damaging wind of winter. Call us to discuss the best methods of creating protective wind-breaks for your garden design.

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