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About Shrubs

Shrubs: We offer an outstanding range of Shrubs and Bushes that have many and diverse uses in Garden Design and Planning. We are constantly adding new varieties which become available on the market as well as all the well-known traditional ones. All shrubs are pot grown and ready for pickup or delivery. We invite both new customers and our regular 'Garden Connoisseurs' to come and view our vast selection among our 3-acres of nurseries and greenhouses.
Climbers: Climbing shrubs are essential to any garden whether covering concrete block walls or climbing the fine stonework of fences, or commercial and residential entrances giving doorways an inviting and welcoming appearance. Our many varieties of Climbers can all be seen in our shrub nurseries.
Hedging Shrubs: We have a wide range of shrubs which make lovely hedges along garden pathways and when intermixed with Evergreen cone-bearing trees, and Deciduous broad-leaf trees, the autumn season with the turning colours truly becomes a pleasant walk in the garden.
We specialise in shrub varieties that will be suitable for coastal conditions and exposed localities. Call us to enquire about the type of shrubs that would be best suited to your local soil and terrain.

Herbaceous & Alpine Plants

We have a really beautiful range of Herbaceous and Alpine plants.
Create a garden border with Herbaceous plants which die into the ground each year but whose roots remain for continued new growth each following year.
Our Alpine Plants are plants that grow in rocky terrain and require less soil to grow. If you have any queries about your specific conditions for your Alpine Plants we welcome your telephone calls or come and visit our Nurseries.
All herbaceous and Alpine Plants come in 3 ltr. pots, and we are constantly adding each year to the selection we have on offer.

Rose Bushes & Rhododendron

The traditional beauty of a Rose Bush is a crowning glory to any garden, and here at Shanahan's Nurseries we have many colourful 'crowns' to enhance the beauty of flower gardens, and along hedging pathways literally to help you 'stop and smell the roses'.
The Rhododendron is a valuable asset to any garden whether hedge or garden path and our colourful range of Rhododendrons are ready for pickup or delivery.

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