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About Our Trees

We stock over 75 varieties of trees, all in large containers, which can be planted throughout the year – from 4ft to 7ft tall and provide full delivery service of our trees. Our stock of trees include both cone-bearing Evergreens that remain green all year long, and Deciduous broad-leaf trees that turn the many beautiful colours in Autumn giving your garden a true rainbow of nature's colours. We also stock a lovely range of fruit-bearing trees of Apple, Plum, and Pear to add to your home garden or create an entire orchard of Fruit trees for those lovely pies and jams.

Deciduous (Broad-leaf) Trees

So much can said about the seasonal beauty of deciduous hardwood and softwood trees because of the vibrant colours in their Autumn leaves. Our traditional Silver Birch or the Whitebarked Himalayan Jacquemontii are popular among our customers using them to add hedging along pathways and garden borders. We stock 20 varieties of Maples and both the Common and Mountain Ash, including varities of Beeches, Oak, and Willow. Our majestic Golden Weeping Willow adds fullness and character to the garden whereas the Common Willow is quite popular for creating those 'woven' willow hedge lines and 'woven' garden arches along pathways.
We also stock a wide range of rare and uncommon trees such as the Ginkgo Biloba and the Tulip Tree, but to truly appreciate the wide selection of trees at Shanahan's Nurseries we would recommend you visit our 3-acres of nurseries and take a 'relaxed' walk along our designed pathways to view the many options available to the 'Garden Connoisseur'.

Evergreen (Cone-bearing) Trees

Shanahan's Nurseries has a wide selection of Evergreen trees for sheltering your garden, or adding ornamental evergreens, and conifers. We stock ornamental Firs, Shelter Pines, Hemlocks, Cedars, Blue Spruces, and Yew Trees bearing bright red berries. And for Christmas consider doing something new instead of cutting down trees purchase a potted Christmas Tree from Shanahan's tree nurseries and when all the holiday festivities are over you need not get rid of it just plant them each year in your garden.

Commemorate an Event with a Tree

The very nature of trees is to grow strong and live long healthy lives so they are perfect to commemorate an important event like the birth of a child and watch the tree grow through its seasons as you will also watch the growth and changes of your new born child (your seedling) into a full grown adult bearing their own strong trunk and leafy limbs. Or possibly you may want to memorialise the passing of a loved one so that you do not forget them in the years ahead, and the sight of the growing tree helps you remember and keep them fresh in your memories. There are many such events for which to plant a tree and we at Shanahan's Nuseries can help you find the appropriate tree for the occasion.

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